Board Elections

The Daly Ditches Irrigation District is governed by a five-member Board of Directors responsible for guiding District operations and policies.

 The filing period for those wishing to serve opens in early December and closes in early  February.  Election Day is in early May. 

To serve as a Commissioner, the individual must file an Oath of Candidacy form with the Ravalli County Election Office. He/she must also reside in the division they wish to represent.

Board Meeting Notices

The Daly Ditches Irrigation District Board of Directors meets on the second Tuesday of each month at 5:00pm, unless otherwise changed by the Board. Meetings are held at the District Office, 566 Tammany Lane, Hamilton, MT, and are open to the public.

Commissioner Roles & Responsibilities

Director Division 1 – Nancy Bender (406)361-1666

The part of the District located from Old Darby Rd to Fish Hatchery Rd.

Director Division 2 – Dennis Moore (406)381-1028

The part of the District located from Fish Hatchery Rd to Golf Course Rd.

Director Division 3 – Charley Moody

The part of the District located from Golf Course Rd to Hamilton Heights Rd.

Director Division 4 – Henry Tintzman

The part of the District located from Hamilton Heights Rd. to Willow Creek Rd.

Director Division 5 – Mary Rodriguez

The part of the District located from Willow Creek Rd to Bailey Lane.

Board Elections, Cont’d


Filing periods, elections and terms of office for the District’s five Director Divisions shall occur and reoccur in the following sequence:

·         Year 1: Divisions 1 and 3
·         Year 2: Divisions 2 and 4
·         Year 3: Division 5


To qualify as a voter, an individual must own land included within the District.  Upon request, the Office Manager will provide a copy of the voter list for the Director Division to the prospective candidate. All elections will be conducted by the Ravalli County Elections Office.

Qualified Voters must:
 ·         Be 18 years of age or older
·         Be a U.S. citizen
·         Be a resident of the State of Montana
·         Own land and hold evidence of title to land in the District.

What qualifies as land ownership?

Ownership of land and evidence of title includes contract seller and purchasers of land, land held as part of community property with a spouse and land held in partnership with other(s). An agent of a corporations or other legal entity owning land in the district may vote on behalf of the entity by filing with the Elections Office an instrument of authority.  Ownership of land and evidence of title for purposes of serving as Director must be individual and does not include agents of legal entities wherein the land is owned in the name of the legal entity.